Your Road
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Save from 30% - 45% of Capital Road Building costs with RoadPacker Group's eco-friendly chemical soil stabilisation.

RoadPacker for Roads

Your Bricks
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Soil stabilisation to improve clays properties including compaction, density, bearing strength and safety. A low cost, durable product for bricks and housing.

RoadPacker for Low Cost Housing

Your Clean-up
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Environmentally safe products for the clean-up of contamination / pollution from oil spills, mining, excessive cattle and/or farming activities.

RoadPacker Bio-Remediation

The RoadPacker Story

RoadPacker Group have been producing eco-friendly chemical soil stabilisation solutions for over 28 years.

Formed in 1990, RoadPacker noted that many administrators / governments were spending as much as 50% of their entire budget on roads.

Aided by the advances in chemical technology over the years, focused research led to the development of a new chemical soil stabiliser called RoadPacker Plus which can cut the costs of road development in many cases by up to 45%!

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Use Cases

RoadPacker Group provided a team on the ground of a Lowcost Housing project to supervise the initial creation of interlocking bricks, and construction of the houses.
Cebu, Philippines
Products Used

RoadPacker Clay Brick Stabiliser

A river where the odour and pathogens had reached such high levels that local inhabitants could no longer safely live anywhere near it. After using the RoadPacker Bio-Remediation chemical for 2 months the once offensive smell had been completely eliminated and vegetation had begun to re-grow creating a new and thriving ecosystem.
Products Used

Fullcrhum Bio-Remediation Technology

The RoadPacker suite of products was used on 4 large infrastructure projects throughout Latin America. Soil samples were taken and RoadPacker products chosen to stabilise various different clay types.
Latin America
Products Used

RoadPacker, RoadPacker Plus, RoadBond

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