The RoadPacker Group Story

Our Eco-Friendly Chemical Soil Stabilisation Journey

Our Story

Our Headquarters is in Canada, but we operate throughout the world. The RoadPacker Group is the first company to seriously address the problems of sub-zero temperatures for the creation and maintenance of hard-wearing roads. We identified that chemical soil stabilisation was the ideal solution and have since continued a sustained programme of research and development of our technology to produce a spectacular range of products to service all roads.  Along the way, we also branched-out into the complementary development of clay brick stabiliser for Low Cost Housing and, more recently, a bio-remediation chemical product that we call Fullcrhum Bio-Remediation Technology.

The RoadPacker Group are full time practitioners in the chemical soil stabilisation industry whereas the majority of our competitors tend to carry their stabilisation products as second or third-string lines of their core business. The RoadPacker Group does it full time and, as a result, we take chemical stabilisation very seriously indeed!


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International Growth

The years from 2013 have been primarily concentrated on developing specifically targeted markets in countries where we saw amazing growth potential for the RoadPacker type of soil stabilisation technology. Point of fact being, the many years of research and development dedicated to a robust growth market in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, and several other countries in South America which RPG had previously tended to ignore as being"Too Hard & Too Far" from our core business territories to invest over-much effort in developing.

This was also true of Africa and South East Asia to a large degree. A strategic review of this policy was undertaken by the management board in 2014 and it was decided that we were likely ignoring a potential market-share greater than the sum of all the "First World Countries" combined?

A policy course correction was decided and a specifically targeted market was placed squarely in the middle of the bullseye of our target countries where we would be concentrating on doing business. It was decided that Mexico would lend itself to being the focus of our first venture, given the fact that we already had such a strong distributor in that country . . . to be quickly followed by Brazil and then the South East Asia territory.

Upon reflection, it has proved to be a sound business decision and we are now very active in those countries with many more future openings to take place in the next few years leading to 2020 which will be our Thirty Year Anniversary.


Bioremediation Technology Developed

Developed and introduced Roadpacker's first bioremediation product called Fullcrhum Aqua Plus technology for addressing Water, Soil and Oil-Spill contamination.


Low Cost Housing Introduced

Under the newly created group title of The RoadPacker Group, RoadPacker International expanded its sphere of operations into the complementary area of Low Cost Housing International.

Utilising the soil stabilisation skills we'd assembled over the years - we researched and developed a unique new form of Stabilisation Technology with the Stabilisation of Compacted Earth Bricks and launched another new product called RoadPacker Clay Brick Stabiliser. This when mixed with the local soil, can then be compacted in a custom designed machine to produce a unique profile interlocking brick for use in the construction of Low Cost Housing.


Making the News

The local Calgary newspaper carried an article by a Calgary City Alderman expressing annoyance at the ever increasing yearly amounts of money that needed to be found for construction of new roads and the maintenance of the existing ones. RoadPacker International contacted the Alderman to make him aware of the existence and proven success of soil stabilisation products as an alternative method of low cost road construction - with consequent significant reduction in recurring heavy maintenance costs. Subsequently, contracts were exchanged and as a result of initial significant success in Calgary, RoadPacker International went on to stabilise many more such roads in Canada and in some 40 other countries around the world for sub-grade and surface stabilisation.


Hello Canada

In late 1995 - RoadPacker International set up headquarters in Canada. Based in Calgary, Alberta - and in an initial period of market research identified that the condition of some of the Canadian gravel roads was as bad as any found in the developing nations of the world. Like anywhere else, in Canada the disparate calls on the public purse often meant that there were never enough tax dollars around to maintain an effective and efficient road system to serve the community - particularly in the rural areas.

Because of the extreme winters that the Calgary region and Canada in general are prone to - the resultant devastating damage to the road network continually eats up a substantial part of the City’s budget. It also creates extreme demands on the elected Aldermen of Calgary (politicians) just trying to keep up with the ever increasing cost of the annual maintenance of the roads and streets. Upon the horns of that particular financial dilemma, lay a significant development opportunity that RoadPacker International sought to exploit.


RoadBond Released

In August 1993, RoadPacker launched a new dust suppressant product. Subsequent further research resulted in identifying an improved chemical solution that would provide binding and stabilisation in fine sands and silts. And ultimately, through this diligent research programme, we came up with a product solution that we call RoadBond and we're happy to report that it proved to be every bit as successful as RoadPacker Plus With this brace of world leading products out on the streets and a slew of other products under development - RoadPacker was therefore well placed to go forward.

Inevitably, it requires a great deal of testing and trialling of any new products to convince the road engineering community to buy into our new low cost method of road construction and soil stabilization. And this very challenge was to be the driver behind the next phase of our development into a global player.


Initial Market Research

Being aware of other, not entirely successful, scientific work previously undertaken elsewhere in the stabilisation sector, RoadPacker decided to initiate their own further detailed research into the field of chemical soil stabilisation.

That research identified a definite gap in the market for this type of product, within a road construction and maintenance industry that was spending billions of dollars each year. At local, as well as national levels - many administrations/governments were spending as much as 50% of their entire budget on roads. Aided by the advances in chemical technology during the last 30 (plus) years, ongoing research led to the development and launch of a new innovative chemical soil stabiliser called RoadPacker Plus.

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